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Cracked feet disease! Causes and remedies.


Cracked feet disease! Causes and remedies.


A cracked ankle is an embarrassing problem. This problem occurs in dry season and lack of moisture. When the foot is cracked, the heel starts to hurt. Prolonged cracked feet can lead to infection, pain in the feet, swelling of the feet, and disruption of daily activities.

Causes of cracked feet

  • ★walking barefoot
  • ★Working standing for long periods of time
  • ★Wear sturdy shoes
  • ★Working in the dust
  • ★Working on the farm
  • ★Not drinking enough water
  • ★Excessive sweating
  • ★Deficiency of vitamins A, C and E
Along with the above reasons, some diseases can also cause cracked feet. For example,  Causes and remedies. 

Palmo planter keratoderma:  This is a genetic diseaseIn this case, the patient's skin is thick. Thick and thick skin tends to become crusty and hard due to adhesions which later crack. Various germs can enter through the cracked area and cause severe inflammation or infection
racked feet disease! Causes and 
Psoriasis:  It is a type of auto immune diseaseIn this disease, the hands and feet become scarred, itching, itchy skin is the symptom of this diseasePsoriasis on the palms of the hands and feet causes the affected area to break out and reveal red flesh. This crack increases in winter. Cracked feet disease! Causes and 
Pityriasis rubra pilaris:  It is a genetic diseasePeople with this disease have very dry hands and feet in winter and the feet break out like psoriasis. C

How to remedy
disease! Causes and remedies.

The first and foremost condition for preventing cracked feet is to keep the skin soft and smooth. So what can be done-
1. Do not walk barefoot

2. Wear comfortable soft shoes 

3. Drink enough water

4. Massage with coconut oil 

5. Use Vaseline regularly

6. Exfoliate dead skin by scrubbing feet with pumice stone or pumice stone, followed by coconut oil massage. 

7. As soon as winter starts, you have to make a habit of wearing socks. Feet will be free from cold, dust and pollution.

8. Half a bucket of turmeric in hot water with 1 pinch of salt and soaking the feet in it for half an hour gives a lot of reliefAnyone can do this to keep their feet healthy, not just those with cracked feet.

9. Apply a mixture of equal amounts of glycerin and rose water on the cracked feet and leave it overnight. It will reduce the pain and cracking of the feetGlycerin keeps the skin soft. On the other hand, rose water contains vitamins A, B3, C, D and EAlso contains antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Also drink plenty of water. Lack of water/watery foods leads to problems like dry skin and cracked feet.
Most cracked feet problems can be avoided if you are careful in advance. Cracked feet 
Author: Medical student

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