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Magic tips to lose weight


Magic tips to lose weight, 5 salads with yogurt!

There are only a handful of people who do not like to eat curd. Many people are not satisfied if they don't get yogurt at the end of the meal. This sweet curd is unique in white. But let's not forget that yogurt also has health benefits. One of them is weight control. That is, curd is very important to keep the figure right. The biggest advantage of eating. agic tips to lose weight

1. Curd-potato salad, with mustard dressing

Potatoes are packed with B vitamins, folate, fiber, vitamin C and potassium. Besides, yogurt also has many nutritional properties. Hence a perfect combination to maintain the figure. It will take Teri, 

 Ingredients : 1 large boiled and cubed potato,
                 1 chopped onion, 
                 1/2 cucumber cut into small cubes, 
                 1/2 cut bell pepper, 
                 10 olives, cut in half,  
                 2 boiled eggs cut in half ,
                 2 tbsp chopped parsley , 
                 2 tablespoons chopped mint, 
                 1 cup yogurt, 
                 1 tablespoon mustard, 
                 1 tablespoon chopped capers, pepper, 
                 1 large garlic and
                2 tomatoes

Method : Mix all the above ingredients. Well, this delicious potato and curd salad is so easy to make.

2. Grilled chicken with tangy  side  sauce

This recipe is perfect for heart health and weight loss. Its ingredients are… 

Ingredients:  1 cup yogurt, 
               1 cup garlic cloves,
               juice of 1 lemon, 
              diced chicken pieces, 
              1 cup diced tomatoes, 
              1 cucumber,
             1 onion, 
            1 tablespoon olive oil,
           2 tablespoons fresh mozzarella seeds.

Method:  For marination, mix the chicken with curd and garlic and keep aside for an hour. Mix together the other ingredients above for a delicious sourdough side sauce. Then mix it all and served

3. Curd-apple salad

Both yogurt and apples help in reducing digestive disorders and prevent heartburn or gas problems and more. So to make this recipe you will need…

Ingredients : A few apples cut lengthwise,
                3 tablespoons of pure honey, 
                2 tablespoons of butter, 
                1 cup of low-fat yogurt,
                ground cinnamon and cloves.

Method : Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Arrange all the apples in a layer in a baking dish and add 2 tablespoons of honey along with the butter. Now toss them well. Continue to fry the apples until they are soft. Then in a bowl, mix yogurt, spices and 1 tablespoon of pure honey. Pour this curd mixture over apples and this apple curd salad is ready.

4. Cauliflower and yogurt salad

Cauliflower helps prevent disease. If the quality of curd is added to it again, it is gold. Know its ingredients…

Ingredients : 1 cauliflower,
                1 cup of Greek yogurt,
              1 tablespoon of cheese, 
              2 cloves of garlic, 
             pepper and salt 

Method:  Add garlic, chillies and water to a pan and let the water boil well. Add cauliflower to boiling water. When it boils, drain the cauliflower mixture. In a mixer, add the cauliflower, Greek yogurt, garlic and shallots. Mix until a creamy consistency is formed. Add salt and pepper to the mix and make this delicious recipe of yours!

5. Greek yogurt French toast


 This recipe is packed with protein-packed carbsour diet to keep your blood circulation in check and your stomach full till morning. Check out this material.

Ingredients:   2 apple cinnamon breads,

                1 egg,

                cooking spray, 
               1 cup Greek yogurt, 
               1/2 banana,  
               2 tablespoons sugar-free maple syrup.

Method : Heat a pan and spray it with a little cooking spray. Beat the egg so you can dip the bread in it. Now, apply the batter on both sides of the bread. Bake both sides of the bread well. In a separate bowl, mix together the curd, cinnamon and banana pieces. Spread this mixture on your bread and your recipe is ready.

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