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Some unknown facts about health, You will be surprised to know!


Some unknown facts about health, You will be surprised to know!

Western Data Science:  The human body is an amazing thing. Human body is a  complete human  body structure consisting of head, neck, torso which includes chest and abdomen, arms and hands, legs and feet. Every part of the human body is made up of different types of cells which are the basic units of life. 

A mature human body  has an average of 37.2 trillion cells. There is a surprise hidden behind it. Today scientists have not been able to unravel all the mysteries of the body. global-news-collection

Health is the root of all happiness. Good health is essential for happiness and peace. A healthy body has been researched for ages. Even today, many things remain beyond our understanding. Among many unknown facts, I will know something today.

(1) Loneliness affects people both physically and mentally.

(2) You can only eat potatoes and butter to survive because these two things contain all the nutrients required by the human body.

(3) If you feel tired even after a good night's sleep, you should know that you are dehydrated. At this time a glass of water will help you wake up.global-news-collection

(4) Banana is a natural medicine that helps reduce stress and anxiety in the body.

(5) When we exercise to lose weight, excess body fat is burned and released as water and carbon dioxide.

(6) Actions that terrify you, bring you joy.

(7) An apple is enough to boost your energy because it is more effective than caffeine.

(8) A study found that the more time you spend on Facebook, the more you develop a negative self-image.

(9) If you eat a polar bear liver, you will probably die. Because as much vitamin A as the human body can tolerate, the liver of the polar bear has more vitamin A than that.

(10) Do you smell rose or chocolate while talking? If you want to do this, there is a type of tablet in the market that will release the scent of roses or chocolate from your mouth.

 (11)  The brain can transmit nerve impulses at a speed of 274 kilometers per hour.

(12) Being thirsty means that the body has already lost 1 percent of water.

(13) In camera terms, the human eye has 576 megapixels.

(14) Human nose and ears never stop growing.

(15) One fourth of the bones of the human body are in his feet.

(16) Even if it only takes a few minutes to eat food, it takes about 12 hours for your body to fully digest it.

(17) 98.4 percent of human DNA is identical to chimpanzee and 70 percent to leech.

(18) The human brain is more active during sleep than during the day.

(19) The human brain can survive for five to ten minutes without oxygen.

(20) If you never cut your hair in your life, it will be 725 km long.

(21) It is possible to lose weight by smelling!! The smell of apples and bananas or weight loss!

(22) There is only one animal in the world that can sleep awake - man.

(23) Healthy kidneys clean the blood of the human body about 300 times a day.

(24) During a person's lifetime, 22 kg of skin is shed from his body.

(25) The memory capacity of the human brain is more than 4 terabytes.

(26) Stomach acid can dissolve even iron. 

(27) Human fingerprints are formed at only 3 months of age, that too in the embryonic stage.

(28) Human saliva contains a painkiller called opiorphin, which is 6 times more potent than morphine.

(29) It is possible to light a 10 watt light bulb with the electricity in our brain.

(30) Boys have fewer taste buds than girls.

(31) Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body.

(32) It is impossible to hum by holding your nose. 

(33) A person can remember about 150 million pieces of information in a lifetime.


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