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Ways to get rid of itch in summer


Ways to get rid of itch insummer

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1. Try to wipe off the sweat every now and then in the heat. Do not apply excessive pressure when wiping sweat. Always use clean and soft tissues. Can keep extra handkerchief with. Ways to get rid of

2. In summer go for light colored and loose clothing, so that enough air can enter. Do not wear dark colored clothes. And remember, avoid tight or body-hugging clothes in summer. Ways to get rid of itch in summer 3. Drink plenty of water in summer. And there should be a lot of fruits and vegetables in the food. This will make it easier to avoid scratches. Ways to get rid of itch in summer
 4. If you can, shower twice a day. And use less alkaline soap while bathing. If there is a scratch, do not rub too much. Ways to get rid of itch in summer 5. Use antiseptic in bath-water. Apart from this, you can mix lemon juice or neem leaf juice in a bucket of water. This will reduce the spread of germs on the skin and you will be free from scratches

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