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What is heatstroke? How to Avoid Heatstroke!

What is heatstroke? How to Avoid Heatstroke!

This intense heat can cause heatstroke or various physical complications. But with a little effort it is possible to avoid these complications even in this extreme heat

Intense fire is going on all over the country. No one is at ease in the heat. Not only is it difficult to feel hot or thirsty, this intense heat can cause heatstroke or other physical complications. But with a little effort it is possible to avoid these complications even in this extreme heat. This discussion is about what heatstroke is, how to avoid physical complications of heatstroke, etc.

First let's say in simple terms, what is heatstroke . When the human body temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the body can no longer cool itself. Because, at this time, the brain becomes disorientated.

The 'hypothalamus' part of the brain controls the functions of various organs of the body. The hypothalamus has a standard body temperature—98.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius. Above this, the hypothalamus removes heat from the body in various ways. One of the mechanisms by which this heat is expelled is perspiration. However, the hypothalamus works to reduce the temperature when it reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit. But when you get above it, you can't handle it anymore. Then there is no profit in sweating. The body's immune system reacts, causing organs to malfunction. This is called heatstroke. During this time, the body temperature can rise to 106 degrees Fahrenheit in 10-15 minutes. (It should be noted here that heatstroke is heatstroke but not stroke. There is no relation between the two.)

Heatstroke  is medically defined as a fatal physical condition. This can lead to numbness, coma, and even death

Heatstroke is medically defined as a fatal physical condition. This can lead to numbness, coma, and even death.

Heatstroke can happen in two ways. One, exertional or fatigue heatstroke. This type of heatstroke can mainly be caused by excessive physical exertion in hot and humid environment. It can happen very quickly, in about a few hours. Two, non-extensional. In Bengali, it can be said that heatstroke is not due to fatigue. This can happen due to physical condition along with age. In this case, the symptoms of heatstroke may appear a few days earlier.

The point is, what are these symptoms? What do you know when you see heatstroke? Cleveland Clinic is an academy medical center located in the United States. According to their website, symptoms of heat stroke include anhidrosis or dry skin (skin that does not sweat), ataxia or problems with movement and coordination, problems with body balance, confusion, dizziness, excessive sweating, hot and flushed skin, low or high blood pressure. , nausea, bubbling with normal lung sounds, scanty urine, increased heart rate, convulsions and fainting. If any of these symptoms appear in anyone, they should consult a doctor as soon as possible without delay.

Ice can be applied to the neck, waist, armpits as a first aid. Cooling of the body can be done by feeding a little salted drink, keeping it in cold air, etc. (Source: Cleveland Medical)

How to Avoid Heatstroke!

According to heatstroke experts, it is possible to avoid heatstroke by doing small things like not exercising excessively in hot environment, drinking enough water to keep the body hydrated in the heat. In other words, in this summer, you should stay under the sun as little as possible, you should not stay indoors for a long time, and you should drink plenty of water. In general, try to keep the body cool.

At present, the maximum temperature of Dhaka is around 39 degrees Celsius. In such intense heat, the risk of heatstroke is very high. Not only that, there can be various diseases like cold, cough or diarrhea in extreme heat. Try to keep your body cool as much as possible in the heat to avoid these diseases. For this, the above tasks must be done. It is possible to avoid many big accidents if you are a little aware.

What is heatstroke? How to Avoid Heatstroke!

Author: Student, Tejgaon College, Dhaka.

Source: Wikipedia, Cleveland Medical.

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