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Global Beautiful places in Bangladesh


Global Beautiful places in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a paradise of scenic beauty. Her description of beauty is beyond to tell. If you want to tour in Bangladesh, you will find the evergreen scenery all around the country and some amazing heritage of our tradition. There are many beautiful tourist spots in Bangladesh that will give you a wow feelings.

St. Martin’s Island:

For the beach lover St. Martin’s Island is the best place to enjoy the pure beauty of the sea. It’s a small coral island of Bay of Bengal with an area of only 8 sq km. There is also a neighboring island beside it called Chera Dwip. The northeast of the island is called Narikeldia where all kinds of hotel, motel restaurant can be found and the southern part of the island is known as Dakshinpara. All over you can find various types of view in a small place together. It’s a fantastic place to tour.

 Sajek Valley:

Sajek valley is famous as a tourist spot for its beautiful environment clasped by mountains with deep forest. It is located at Baghaichhari Upazila in Rangamati District and many rivers including Mayni river is flown by its side. Many tribal communities like Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Lushai, Pankua, and  Sagma live here. If you want to observe the elegant charm of the dense mountain life then you will be well-received by the nature of Sajek Valley.


Nilachol is an amazing tourist spot, situated in  Tigerpara, Bandarban. It is about 2000 feet above from the sea level where you can find the whole view of Bandarban at a glance. This area is called the heaven of Bangladesh because you touch the cloud by climbing up Nilachol. Not only that the rainy season, fogs of winter, moonlit night, view of sunrise and sunset everything is so fantastic here. If you visit this place once, your mind doesn’t want to back his busy life. So, it’s a highly recommended place for making an enjoyable tour.


Undoubtedly it is a great sign of natural beauty surrounded by hills and stones. For its natural beauty, it has become a popular tourist center in Bangladesh. It is situated at the Bangladesh-Sylhet border in Sylhet. In the rainy season it looks like the clouds hugging the mountains, so, winter is not a suitable season for visiting.


This place is situated at the Bangladesh-India border. It is one of the most attractive places in Bangladesh. It is also an adventurous place. It is a hilly area and you can enjoy the waterfall on the way of Jaflong to Sylhet. The hills of Jaflong are greenish with forest and there are many wild animals in the forest. Tea garden and zero points are the most beautiful spot of Jaflong.

Lalbagh Fort:

Lalbagh Fort is also known as Fort Aurangabad. It is a scrappy Mughal palace castle situated on the bank of river Buriganga. The construction of the fort was initiated in 1678 and is a combination of three buildings, they are- the mosque, the tomb of Pari Bibi and Diwan-i-Alam. It is a great heritage of Bangladesh situated at Dhaka. Hence, if you want to know the ancestral history of the ancient Bengal, you should visit this amazing place.


Patenga is one of the most attractive beaches of Bangladesh, situated in Chattogram. It is located 14 km from the city and river Karnaphuli is flown by its side. It is one of the prodigious beaches for the beauty lover who loves to watch the sunset scene. The shore of the sea is bound by stones to confine erosion.  The area is enclosed by tight security so that visitors can move safely. Tourist comes here generally early in the morning to observe the sunrise and end of the day to watch the sunset. Ergo, if you are a true visitor, you should come here once.


Kuakata is a panoramic sea beach which is known as Sagar Kannya locally. It’s an 18 km long sea beach situated at Potuakhali District. From here one can enjoy the unbridled beauty of the sunrise and sunset of the Bay of Bengal. This beach is an amazing mixture of vivid natural beauty, blue sky, sandy land and evergreen forest that will give you a great feeling of heaven. The fishing community, the large bazaar of dried fish, dense forest of shegun and a harborage of migratory birds make this beach the most unique beach in the world. So, you must have to visit this place.


Sonargaon is historical amazement, was the capital of ancient Bengal. Then the ruler of Bengal was Isa Khan and made Sonagaon as the capital of his kingdom. It is located at Narayanganj, not very far from Dhaka District. On 12 March 1975, it was turned to Lok Shilpa Jadughar by Bangladeshi painter Joynul Abedin and was listed in top 100 Most Endangered Site in 2008 by World Monument Fund. There are a couple of mosques, sadarbari, a beautiful rajbari with a natural pondside and folk art museum, everything will make your trip successful.

Somapura Mahavihara:

Somapura Mahavihara is also known as Paharpur Buddhist Bihar was the conventual institution of ancient Bengal and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. It is situated at Badalgachhi Upazilla of Naogaon District, Bangladesh. It was built in the 8th century for dharma pala. A vast number of monasteries developed during these pala periods in ancient India. It was a great institution of scholars who preached Buddhism in different countries of the world.  However, if you are a history lover, after visiting here you will able to gain an enormous knowledge from this place.

Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is the largest sea beach in the world with 125 km in length. Many institutions have formed here in the center of the tourism industry. There are also parasailing, water biking, beach biking, cox carnival circus show and so on. Various tribals and ethnographic populations live here that has made Cox’s Bazar more diverse. There are many Buddhist temples, the great attraction of visitors. Some amazing places of Cox’s Bazar are, Himchari, Inani Sea Beach, Mahaskhali, Radiant Fish Bazar, Dulhazra Safari Park, etc. So, if you want to enjoy the whole package of travel then you have to come to Cox’s Bazar for several times.

Sixty Dome Mosque:

Sixty Dome Mosque is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated in Bagerhat, Bangladesh. It is portrayed as the most impressive Muslim monuments in the whole of the Indian subcontinent with a length of 160 feet and a width of 108 feet. The architecture was Khan Jahan Ali and built it in the 15th century. Though the mosque’s name is 60 domes. There have 81 domes in the building. There are 11 big doors on the east side and 7 doors on the north-south wall. The exhaustive scenario of the mosque is so marvelous that will make you feel amazing. So, this place is recommended for visiting.


Rangamati is the largest district and beauty queen of Bangladesh. There are many tribal communities, among them, chakma is seen everywhere. Not only that there are many uncomparable tourist spots in Rangamati including Hanging Bridge, Kaptai Lake, Sajek Valley, Paulwell Park, Subolong Spring and so on which will make your holiday more colorful. Every place is distinguished with its own majesty. All kinds of astonishment are gathered in this district. If you want to make a tour in Rangamati, you will have a whole package of tour ingredients here. You can rely on that won’t be disappointed by visiting Rangamati.

National Martyrs’ Memorial:

National Martyrs’ Memorial is known as Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho, a great symbol of renunciation of those who died in the liberation war of Bangladesh. It is situated at Nabinagar, Savar where you can go easily from Dhaka. The architecture of the monument is Moinul Hossain which is 150 feet high with 7 towers. The seven towers represent the seven significant chapters of the bloody war of liberation. The seven movements happened in the year of 1952, 1954, 1956, 1962, 1966, 1969, 1971. By visiting this place you will able to know the glorified chapters of Bangladesh.


Sundarbans has declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO which is the largest Mangrove Forest situated between two countries. It is the kingdom of Royal Bengal tiger and you will find various kinds of species of birds, animals & plants and I think you should visit the tranquilizing beauty of Sundarbans once in your life.

At last, we can say that there are a lot of attractive and amazing tourist places in Bangladesh. So, if you want to make a tour in Bangladesh, you will not disappoint by visiting these places.

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